About LBN

Local Business Network is a second generation business referral organization, combining:

·        the extraordinary power of structured networking,

·        technology based system-wide information sharing systems,

·        robust cross-chapter networking opportunities ,

·        exceptional networking and marketing skills training,

·        a broad array of proprietary, tested tools for development of powerful, proactive referral partner relationships,

·        a highly effective support system for both chapters and individual members.


This extraordinary combination provides our members with the bottom line results they are seeking – more referrals.  Our goal is to put more money in your pocket and we do that through a system that has been developing and improving for a dozen years.  Results provided by our competition simply do not compare.

For proof of our effectiveness, please visit our testimonials page.  


Local Chapters – Each chapter in LBN is a team, composed of members who want to grow their businesses and have committed to helping fellow members grow theirs.  Our chapters:

  • Meet twice a month for approximately one hour
  • Seek high quality professionals willing to commit to regular attendance, bringing referrals, building and supporting the chapter.
  • Are a synergistic blend of those who can be most effective in generating referrals for each other
  • Include only one member in each profession, guaranteeing exclusivity in your business category
  • Are managed by a trained team of officers and supported by a Regional Director


Cross Chapter Networking – Although most business referral groups network only at the local chapter level, LBN offers a series of cross-chapter networking opportunities that on average nearly doubles the number of referrals received by our members, and in some cases more than triples or quadruples referrals received.

·        A members-only internet site containing business descriptors and contact information for every member in our organization - includes links to member websites and individually designed one-page business descriptions.

·        The opportunity to visit any chapter where there is not a direct competitor.  Some members visit a dozen or more chapters every month.

·        Multi- chapter events like expos, speed networking, social events and other special events.

·        A free online networking site.


Training and Support – Each LBN chapter is a team that must work collaboratively to generate referrals for each other.  Each member of that team also has the opportunity to network with the members of every other chapter in LBN, but must do so within a set of rules and regulations.  Proper training not only provides each member with the skills they need to fulfill their responsibilities as a member, but also gives them the knowledge and skills necessary to significantly increase the return on their investment in LBN.  Our training materials are exceptional.  They represent a dozen years of learning, but are continuously modified as LBN improves and modifies.

  • Our new member portfolio contains a 28 page instructional on all that LBN offers and how to fully utilize the opportunity
  • Each new member is assigned a “mentor” in their local chapter to make sure they have the support they need
  • Each member is required to attend a 2 ½ hour free new member training.
  • A broad range of online materials are provided to enhance training in critical areas
  • Free monthly teleconferences and special trainings help members in areas of specific concern with regard to networking and social media marketing
  • Chapter Officers and Regional Directors are available to help those who need personal assistance.


Tools for Your Success – Success as a “power networker” within LBN depends upon your ability to build relationships with and educate fellow members, not only within your chapter but throughout our organization.  Therefore, we have developed an extraordinary set of tools to help you accomplish that task.  Typically our competitors offer only three or four of these tools

  • One minute presentations at each meeting
  • A ten minute presentation at your local meeting
  • An exhibit at your local meeting
  • Explicit instructions on how to conduct effective One-on-One meetings
  • Your contact information on the members website
  • Add your one page business description and web link to the members website
  • Announcements of your special discounts or special events on the members website
  • Cross chapter visits
  • Regional mixers – all chapters expos
  • Social events – quarterly all chapter gatherings
  • Network-a-rama – special speakers, speed networking , and more. 
  • Free teleconferences – Networking Tips and Strategies and Social Media Marketing
  • FON – FreeOnlineNetworking.com


Benefits – Referrals received are the measure of our success and LBN excels in this area.  In fact, when compared to many business referral organizations, the results can be dozens of times greater.  Some of our members have received over $1 million in referrals (although this is not typical) and some report as much as 90% of their business from LBN referrals (again this result is not typical). Please visit our testimonials section for real life examples of the results LBN members have realized.

Additional benefits –

·        Significant improvement in networking and marketing skills

·        Development of a trusted team of resources for customer assistance

·        Development of a team of trusted advisors for help with both business and personal issues

·        Vastly expanded business acumen resulting from exposure to other business professionals within LBN


Cost -  It is inappropriate to look at membership in LBN as a “cost”.  Those who actively participate generally find that it is an investment with a rate of return that can often be dozens of times the initial investment or more.

  • Dues are a little over $1 a day - $40 per month.  (Some specialty chapters providing an even higher rate of return may be more.)
  • In the majority of cases, there are no “meeting fees”.  LBN absorbs this cost by offering free memberships to those who host meetings.
  • Fess charged for multi-chapter events and special trainings are usually designed to simply cover expenses.  For example, exhibit spaces at our Regional Mixers are under $100.


How to Join – If the LBN opportunity sounds exciting to you, visit one of our Local Chapters (no obligation) and experience “power networking” yourself. 

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