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While I have only been "on board" for a couple months now, I can easily point to more new referrals, appointments and new business as a result.  I would recommend LBN to any business professional looking for a smart, effective way to get more "warm" leads/appointments.  It has generated more leads for me than any other prospecting method I have ever employed.
You and Al have been terrific to and for me.  I can honestly say that a business person would have to be crazy not to join LBN.  Feel free to use my name and have anyone speak to me personally.  I have sipped the Kool-aid!  I am sold on LBN!



Dick Chelten

Chelten Benefits Group




We have been a member of LBN for more than six years now.  We are approaching 6 million dollars in total business over our seven-year existence and we can attribute more than $450,000 of that from LBN members directly!  That does not include the business generated from referrals made to friends, family and other acquaintances by LBN members that we haven’t identified.  Thanks Chuck, again!



Todd Gulich

Liberty Tire & Auto Care




LBN is the reason we are so successful.  When I started Alpine Computers, the contacts I had in LBN helped me exceed my annual salary from my previous employer within six months.  Shortly thereafter, I partnered with someone I met through LBN and we doubled our size.  Over a nine year period, we have received over $1 million in business from LBN members and leads.  When we grew to the point where we were targeting larger clients, LBN adapted and developed a chapter composed entirely of businesses serving mid-sized clients.  If anyone wants to grow their business, LBN is the only way to go.



Jim Motley

Alpine Computers




I was looking for a career when I joined LBN.  There was no work for me as a physics major and I was bouncing from one MLM company to another.  Chuck Gifford convinced me to use my technology background to start an IT business.  We struggled a little, but LBN was there to help.  LBN referrals were and are responsible for 80% of our business.  The referral partner building skills I learned in LBN have helped me build a team of partners who now refer me business on a regular basis.  In the first 6 months of 2010, we did more business than the entire previous year and we have graduated from working with small residential customers to small and mid-sized businesses.  Our future is bright despite a Michigan economy that is at depression levels.



Jason Verlinde

The Technologists



LBN training upgraded my networking skills and completely changed the way I market my business.  Because my business (flooring) is somewhat unique in LBN, I can visit many chapters other than my own and do so regularly.  In a typical month, I visit 15 to 20 chapters where I work hard to get to know and help everyone I can.  LBN members are my extended family and they account for a whopping 95% of my revenue.  I’m am living proof that the LBN system works, if you work it!



Steve Wolk

Modern Floors




Thanks for the personal phone calls inviting me to the industry exchange! However, LBN has made me so wildly successful that I don’t need to go to regional events. When things get slow, I just attend neighboring chapters and always walk out with new business!  I LOVE LBN!  So, while I greatly appreciate the invitation and completely buy into the success of expos and industry exchanges, I have LBN resources close to home that completely satisfy my needs.


Vicky Winkler

The Marketing Shop




When I heard I could visit any chapter where there was no direct competitor, I couldn’t wait to join LBN.  After joining, I visited sixteen chapters a month and spent most of my time building referral relationships with other LBN members.  Within six months, I had more deals in the pipeline than all four of the other sales reps in our office combined and I wasn’t making a single cold call or knocking on any doors.  LBN is an INSANE opportunity if you listen, learn and work the system.



Al Crawford

Prime Office Solutions




LBN is the single most effective method we have ever used to promote our business.  Networking between chapters of LBN and forming strategic alliances with those LBN members in other technology related fields have helped me to form a continuous referral stream and thus a continuing stream of new leads and new clients.  The mixers especially have allowed me to meet some excellent strategic referral partners that I can pass business to and get leads from.  Overall, we have received over $1 million in referrals during the nine years we have been with LBN.


Steve Hyer

IGD Solutions (Website Development Firm)




Local Business Network made our business a success. As soon as my husband Steve and I started our residential and commercial cleaning business, On-Site Cleaning Services, located in Milford Michigan, I joined Local Business Network. I not only supported my local chapter but also visited as many other chapters as possible each week and participated in regional events. I learned as much as I could about my fellow members and brought referrals to every meeting I attended (sometimes two or three referrals).
The rewards were immediate and plentiful. Our business was in the black within six months and 90% of our business came from LBN referrals! While most new businesses struggle to find sales, we struggled to keep up with the work load.


Mary Youtz

On-Site Cleaning Services




LBN is not about schmoosing; it is about action, commitment and results. LBN provides simple, proven, and usable methodologies that have helped me grow as a business woman and continues to bring increased opportunities and success.  LBN chapters offer an environment that is supportive, encouraging, yet dedicated to generating leads, increasing sales, and enhancing your overall marketing effectiveness. Your fellow LBN members quickly become a team offering knowledge, and techniques based on their experiences that will benefit you and anyone willing to learn and implement them.  My business would not be the global business it is today If I had not joined LBN



Lin Klaassen

Face Reading by Lin


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